Teacher deregistered for 'tickle torture'

  • 21/07/2015
Teacher deregistered for 'tickle torture'

An Auckland primary school teacher who tickled children, held them upside down, and smacked them on the bottom won't be allowed to continue teaching.

Donald Morrison, 69, was found not guilty at a High Court trial last year of indecent conduct with 10 of his pupils in 2011 and 2012, when they were aged between six and eight.

He was acquitted of the criminal charges on the basis of lack of intent.

This year, Mr Morrison admitted to the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal that his actions amounted to serious misconduct.

In a recently-released decision, the tribunal censured Mr Morrison for his serious misconduct and cancelled his registration.

Mr Morrison said he'd pulled children onto his knee in a game called "tickle torture", tickling them until their skin was exposed.

He also smacked two children on their bottoms, squeezed students' legs and grabbed students by the ankles and held them upside down.

"He did not indulge in any of the games when other adults were present or likely to see him," an agreed statement of facts reads.

Mr Morrison's been ordered to pay 30 percent of the New Zealand Teachers Council's legal costs.

The name of the primary school that Mr Morrison worked at has been suppressed.