Twyford: Housing NZ figures 'an absolute disgrace'

  • 31/07/2015
Phil Twyford (File)
Phil Twyford (File)

Nearly 450 state housing tenants want to be moved because of health concerns, figures from Housing New Zealand reveal.

It comes after an Auckland coroner linked the death of toddler Emma-Lita Bourne to cold, damp conditions in her state-owned property.

Sixteen of those on the relocation list are flagged as urgent because their children are suffering from rheumatic fever, and Labour's Phil Twyford is concerned.

"These figures are an absolute disgrace… 16 families with kids with rheumatic fever and 449 [tenants] desperately pleading for a transfer so they can get out of houses that are a risk to their health," he says.

Mr Twyford says there could be more casualties if Housing New Zealand doesn't take urgent action.