Uninsured Christchurch homeowners still fighting for payout

(Photo: 3 News)
(Photo: 3 News)

Uninsured homeowners in Christchurch's red zone have just had a Government offer of full compensation for their land, but they're still not happy.

They want full payment for the land and their uninsured homes, and they are taking their fight back to the Supreme Court.

There are only a few uninsured dwellings still occupied in Christchurch's red zone. One of them is owned by Terak Millar, and she still hasn't heard from the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA).

He says he has no idea what is happening.

CERA has upped the offer on his land from 80 percent to 100 percent, but nothing on his house because it was not insured. Mr Millar says he is not happy.

"We will still be going to court for it… that's what the lawyer will be doing."

His lawyer is Grant Cameron; he represents all 26 who are uninsured including Ernest Tsao, who says he is fighting for full compensation.

"If the Government want to buy my house and my land they have to pay. Insurance has no bearing on this issue."

CERA chief executive John Ombler says it is about coming up with a resolution that is fair to everybody.

"It is about us striking something that is fair to taxpayers and fair to those in the red zone."

Christchurch resident Kirsten Vaughn agrees, and says CERA has been generous with its offers.

"I think it is a pretty generous offer to offer to buy land given they had no insurance. They haven't paid premiums like other people have. It is better than nothing."

But Bren Olykan, another resident, disagrees.

"They should pay for everything on that land."

For Mr Tsao and Mr Millar, they plan to keep fighting, digging in for compensation they believe is their right.

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