Video: Blessie Gotingco's family statement

  • 28/07/2015
The Gotingco family outside the Auckland High Court (Getty)
The Gotingco family outside the Auckland High Court (Getty)

"The Gotingco family are extremely relieved that finally, after all his legal games, the name and past of this evil monster who raped and murdered their beloved Blessie can now be published.

From the moment Blessie went missing, her identity and the heinous details of her suffering have made international headlines.

Robertson, however, was a coward and he continued to hide – enabled by New Zealand's unsound name suppression laws.

Finally, the public's right to an open and transparent justice system has been delivered today and the Gotingco family wish to thank the hardworking prosecution team for this.

This was the first and last time that the family will speak his name.

Robertson was supposed to be monitored by the Corrections Department. Clearly, this was not the case and given his evil history, which can now be disclosed, the family is calling for an open, public inquiry into the so-called management of all of these high-risk offenders.

Blessie's death must not be in vain.

There were many opportunities to protect the public from this repeat offender. Tragically, this was not the reality. Who was ultimately responsible for his management?

The family is now mentally preparing for the sentencing hearing and hope that the public will finally be protected from this monster."

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