Video: Snowboarder takes on central Wellington

Video: Snowboarder takes on central Wellington

Snowboarding isn't something you'd usually come across in the Wellington suburb of Brooklyn, but two people have taken advantage of the light dusting of snow across parts of the city to give it a go.

Josiah Watson and Sam Barton were filmed making the most of the unusual weather event in a car park near the Brooklyn wind turbine.

Mr Barton, strapped to a snowboard, held onto a rope tied to the back of a Suzuki Vitara while Mr Watson drove him around the thin layer of snow covering the area.

MetService meteorologist John Law says seeing snow on the upper parts of the Wellington region isn't unusual and not unheard of given the current weather conditions including sleet and hail.

"But it's not an everyday event," he says.

Meanwhile, while those in the city are revelling in the cold, there remain a number of road snowfall warnings around the country.

MetService says snow showers are expected to affect the Napier-Taupo Rd, Desert Rd, Rimutaka Hill Rd, Lewis Pass, Arthurs Pass and Porters Pass until tomorrow.

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