Whittaker's NZ's most trusted brand – survey

  • 27/07/2015

Whittaker's has been named New Zealand's most trusted brand, edging out hygiene company Dettol and carmaker Toyota in a Reader's Digest survey released today.

The chocolatier, also announced as New Zealand's most iconic brand, topped a survey of 1211 Kiwis about what companies held their confidence.

Reader's Digest Australasian editor Sue Carney said how people talk about products online influences how others perceive the brand.

"With social media comes a new era of trust," she said.

"In a world of advertising hype and spin, we want transparency and more than 90 percent of us will trust the social media reviews of our fellow consumers."

Other leading contributors to a product's trustworthiness include top quality at low prices, making life easier, integrity and an ability stand out and one which connects with the customer.

1. Whittaker's

2. Dettol

3. Toyota

4. Sony

5. Panadol

6. Tip Top ice cream

7. Yates

8. Resene

9. Sleephead

10. Janola

1. St John

2. Cancer Society of NZ

3. NZ Breast Cancer Association

4. Land Search & Rescue

5. Red Cross