Charity bike ride around the whole of NZ

Charity bike ride around the whole of NZ

A cyclist has completed the first ever circumnavigation of New Zealand on a bike.

It took Duncan Wilson eight months to pedal right around the coast of the whole country, and when he finally arrived back where it all began, 3 News was there waiting to interview him.

One man, two wheels, 239 days and almost 10,000 kilometres – Mr Wilson arrived back where it all started today.

"It really has not sunk in that I have finished, and this fountain on January 2 is where I went that way, and I've just come from that way and just been right way around the whole country on this beautiful machine here – wow."

The big ride was something he wanted to tick off his bucket list. But he's also been collecting donations for St John, raising almost $7000.  

Mr Wilson planned the route so that he was as close as possible to the coastline – sometimes too close.

While his spirits stayed high, his endurance was tested by the elements as he passed through Canterbury.

"Cyclone Pam wasn't affecting the weather directly, but there were in direct effects a lot of strong winds coming off the ocean."

Carrying everything from a tent to a stove, he clocked around 70 kilometres a day, meeting hundreds of people and staying in some interesting places.

"That front tyre there is the one that left here on Janauary 2. I'm really proud of that. That's the third one on the rear."

So what's next for this budding adventurer?

"If I can keep my fitness up over the next two weeks, and the New Zealand cycle team want to sign me up, I'll bring home gold next year."

For now he says he'll put the bike down, but there's no time to rest. He'll be hiking the Waitakere Ranges tomorrow.

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