Container full of possessions missing in Canterbury

  • 04/08/2015
Container full of possessions missing in Canterbury

By Emma Cropper

A Canterbury woman lost everything she owned while her home underwent quake repairs.

She had packed all her possessions into a container beside her Hororata house, but it's since disappeared and now she wants her life back.

A patch of dead grass is all that is left to show where the McLellans' family possessions were once stored.

"A whole house-load of furniture, everything of 30 years, is missing from the container. It's gone," says Christine McLellan.

It went missing from their Hororata home in broad daylight. It was securely locked and packed full while their home underwent EQC repairs.

"Couches, washing machines, beds, all my hobbies puzzles, sewing machines, fishing gear – everything is gone."

The container's supplier, CSL, is just as surprised by its disappearance.

"They rung us wanting to know if we'd picked it up and we said to them, 'Well your bills are paid up to date so we have no reason to,'" says CSL manager Neville Gordon.

But whoever did wouldn't have done so easily. It takes a specially equipped truck to lift the eight-tonne container.

"You need to know what you are doing to pick one up; otherwise, you would hurt yourself, someone or something," says Mr Gordon.

Each container comes with its own unique serial number that can be traced, but it's a matter of finding it first.

"We just want it back," says Ms McLellan.

That way they'll have some furniture to shift back in to their repaired home.

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