Dealership pinged for false fuel claims

  • 17/08/2015

A Rangitikei man has won a significant battle against a vehicle dealership after his car used significantly more fuel than promised.

The Disputes Tribunal has awarded Bruce Campbell $6000, ruling Ford's claim the Kuga Titanium would average 7.7 litres per 100km was false. The best he could get was 9.4.

Mr Campbell told RadioLIVE he was repeatedly assured by Wanganui Motors that the consumption would come down after a "bedding in" period.

"They brought a guy down from Auckland he spoke to me and he said, 'We'll put it right, how about a couple of free service checks?' I just got up and I walked out," he says.

Mr Campbell says he initially turned to the AA for support, but was told he was "wasting his time".

The $6000 awarded by the tribunal was based on Mr Campbell's loss of 0.75 cents per kilometres over 8000km.