Housing New Zealand upgrades almost 3000 homes

  • 16/08/2015
Auckland Houses (File)
Auckland Houses (File)

Housing New Zealand has completed almost 3000 property upgrades since June this year as part of a programme it says will create warmer and healthier homes.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says there has been installation of more than 1750 heaters and 3214 sets of thermal drapes.

"Ministers have made it clear that we expect Housing New Zealand to prioritise maintenance focused on improving warmth and dryness in properties, and I'm pleased with the staff's dedication to making this happen," says Ms Bennett.

Carpet has been installed in 2102 properties and mechanical ventilation installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

Housing New Zealand will spend close to $300 million this year maintaining and upgrading its properties.

This will include planned maintenance and responding to requests from tenants.

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