Johnny Danger: I was 'a bloody idiot'

Johnny Danger: I was 'a bloody idiot'

An Auckland man who "surfed" on the roof of taxi over Auckland's Harbour Bridge is tonight warning others not to follow his example after he was found guilty of causing a criminal nuisance.

Wannabe stuntman Johnny Bennett, aka Johnny Danger, reckons he's got a new hobby now.

Bennett was spreadeagled on the roof of a taxi as it hurtled over the Harbour Bridge, wind whistling by. Eventually he wiggled safely back into the cab.

Court though was a complete wipeout for the car surfer, a judge finding him guilty of knowingly putting lives or safety at risk.

"I was just in the moment, having fun, but obviously it's not that funny anymore. If you taxi surf, you are a bloody idiot."

He's a wannabe stuntman and, by his own definition, "a bloody idiot".

The judge was in total agreement. The Sunday morning taxi ride in early 2013 was, he said, "reckless".

"It seems to me self-evident this was a wholly hazardous act," said Judge Lawrence Hinton.

So Johnny Danger was officially a danger to himself, anyone following the taxi and those in the cab too, including the driver, who the judge said may have shared a beer with his passengers after the fact.

As for Bennett, he remains a showman in court and out.

"I have taken into account your proud posting on the internet of the video footage," said Judge Hinton.

The 26-year-old says he's now taken up another kind of surfing – the waves that is, not car roofs – and he's keen to catch a break.

"Take it easy on me, judge," he said.

He's hoping to pull off at least one last stunt before total retirement.

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