Kiwi on Islamic State 'kill list'

  • 13/08/2015
Kiwi on Islamic State 'kill list'

By Wilhelmina Shrimpton and 3 News online staff

Government officials are trying to find out more information about why a New Zealand man's name appeared on an Islamic State 'kill list' overnight.

The man, which the list shows lives in Auckland, is one of a large number of people whose details were apparently hacked by a group calling themselves the Islamic State Hacking Division.

Many on the list are American, British or Australian most of which with links to the military.

Prime Minister John Key says details of the situation are "relatively scant", but was confident he'd receive a full briefing by officials about "what's going on and the real risk as opposed to the perceived risk".

"This is a list they've put together and we'll have to understand that list a little bit better and why that person is on the list."

Mr Key says police are looking into it and if required would provide appropriate support to the man, though did not say what that might entail.

He did not believe the man being on the list meant New Zealand was more at risk from the terrorist group because of the country's defence force presence in Iraq.

While the information says the man lives in Auckland, his father says that's incorrect because his son lives overseas.

"Yes I am [worried]... more so for the fact that he's got absolutely no connection to the military."

He is unsure why his son has become a target, but believes it could be from his own military background.

"If it was my former military connections, I suppose it's faintly possible, but that stopped in the days before [he] was born... I think that might be just an absolute coincidence."

The IS hacking group has also published the details of Australian Defence Force personnel, and is urging home-grown terrorists to attack them.

It comes as the terrorist group claims to have beheaded a Croatian hostage, saying it killed the man for his country's role in the war against militants.

The New Zealander's father says he was speaking to his son this morning, and has serious concerns for his safety.

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