Porirua residents not impressed with carwash bylaw

(Photo: iStock)
(Photo: iStock)

Porirua residents are unimpressed at their local council's latest anti-pollution drive.

They're scratching their heads over a new bylaw banning people from washing their cars in their own driveways.

Terry Johnstone is heading to the skifields this weekend, and so this week is carwash day. He has three lined up in the driveway awaiting their turn.

But a new bylaw in Porirua means Mr Johnstone might have to move them off the driveway for their weekly wash.

The aim is to stop the chemicals in detergent from running down the stormwater drains and contaminating the harbour. There's also a ban on tipping paint, fuels or cement down there.

Porirua councillor Bronwyn Kropp says there are other options like moving your car onto the grass so that soaks up the suds, or even onto the grass berm - as long as you don't park it there too long.

"If they can catch the water somehow and direct it to the grass or they can use an organic cleaner."

But if you can't get your hands on organic cleaner or you live on a property without grass, then it's likely you'll end up in a carwash, which will set you back at least $10 a wash.

The council says it won't be patrolling the streets to catch the carwash criminals, but if your neighbour complains of a soapy drain and shiny car, they will investigate.

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