Raging cow shot by Whanganui police

The cow was first reported to police by members of the public
The cow was first reported to police by members of the public

Warning: This video contains images some viewers may find distressing

An agitated cow has been shot by Whanganui police after it charged at police, pedestrians and a person in a wheelchair this morning.

Police say they were called to the scene on Puriri St around 7:45am today and the responding officers have been praised for how they handled the situation.

It is unknown where the cow came from.

Acting sergeant Anton Willis says the sight would have likely given people a fright on their commute to school or work along the busy Alma Rd.

"The beast was agitated and was charging people, pedestrians, vehicles, it charged the police car, it charged one of the constables when it was outside the police car, and also charged a person crossing the road in a wheelchair, it didn't hit him.

"The person in the wheelchair, children going to school in the area, because there are a couple of schools around the area – if they come around the corner and be greeted by this it'd be a bit of a fright for them so that's why it was dealt with the way it was," he says.

Animal control was also called to the incident, but police were the first on the scene.

The cow was first found in nearby Kauri St where police tried to move it to a vacant section nearby, however it charged officers several times before running along York St.

Police say they then tried to move it to a nearby golf course, but when it began heading toward a school, officers had "no choice" but to kill the cow.

Sgt Willis says the officers handled the situation well, considering it called for immediate action.

"[Constable Luke Cranstone] took several shots at it – he hit it every time, but as you can appreciate those things are considerably strong and it took a while for it to go down."

The cow was shot dead near the corner of Moore Ave and Alma Rd, where it was taken away.

No one was injured in the incident.

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