Unitec unveils major restructure

  • 07/08/2015

Jobs could be on the line at Unitec as the Auckland polytech unveils a major restructure to deal with a Government funding squeeze.

The Unitec Institute of Technology is set to announce its proposals for change to staff throughout the day today following two years of studies and reviews, a Unitec spokeswoman told NZ Newswire.

The proposals may include job cuts and will be followed by a one-month consultation period, she says.

Tertiary Education Union president Sandra Grey met with Unitec's chief executive Rick Ede on Monday, and says the polytech is being forced to restructure because the Government is making them unviable.

She believes the proposals will include asking staff to adopt more online tools and do more with less.

Staff and students have already faced years of continuous change and restructuring, Ms Grey says.

"Tomorrow and beyond, we will stay at the table with Unitec and speak up for good quality education and the needs of staff," she said.

The union's branch president, Sid Suha Aksoy, said staff at the tertiary institute were feeling uncertain and worried.