Wanted man arrested after car chase

  • 22/08/2015
Wanted man arrested after car chase

An armed man who had been on the run since May has been arrested following a street brawl and car chase through residential Auckland.

The 20-year-old, who had been wanted on warrants after failing to appear in court in May on charges including assaulting police, was allegedly involved in a street brawl along with three teenagers in Mangere today.

He was reported to be pointing a gun at others during the fight.

After the dustup, he and the three teens jumped in a car and were chased by armed police before stopping in Mangere.

The three underaged persons were detained but the 20-year-old escaped to a nearby house.

Police dogs tracked him and he was arrested after he was found hiding inside the property.

A gun was found in the car he and the three teenagers initially escaped in.

Senior sergeant Emiel Logan said that carrying a gun without a licence was literally playing Russian roulette with the lives of themselves and others.

"On this occasion I can reassure our communities that an armed, wanted man has been removed from their neighbourhood and I reiterate the warnings police have been issuing to all who favour this type of behaviour - that it will eventually end badly - for someone," he said.

The man will appear on a range of charges in Manukau District Court on Monday.

No charges have been laid against the teenagers who police say are co-operating with their investigation.

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