15pct of Kiwi 2yos using computers, tablets

15pct of Kiwi 2yos using computers, tablets

Traditionally, turning the page of a book was the best way to learn. But now it seems children are relying more and more on swiping screens and zooming into pictures.

Research has found that 15 percent of two-year-olds in New Zealand are already using laptops and computers.

Imogen is 18 months old and already she knows how to use Mum's phone and iPad.

The family choose not to have a television in the house, but the availability of other technology is just as tempting.

Research from the Growing Up in New Zealand study shows their household is not unusual. It's looking at 7000 New Zealanders from birth to the age of 21. So far, it has found 15 percent of two-year-olds spend time using a computer or laptop, although normally for less than an hour a day.

The awareness of technology at home can be an advantage in the classroom.

Best Start Day Care centres are considering offering tablets or laptops to their 256 centres across New Zealand.

So while it may the future, early learning experts say only when it's mixed with good old fashioned play and turning the pages of a more traditional book.

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