Auckland doubles-up on buses

  • 03/09/2015
A double-decker bus and a normal one (file)
A double-decker bus and a normal one (file)

Transport advocates are applauding Auckland's move to roll out new double-decker buses.

The Government has rubber-stamped rule changes allowing heavier vehicles to use the roads, paving the way for 53 new double-deckers.

Patrick Reynolds, editor of website, says bigger buses are a smart option for already congested routes because they'll double capacity on the routes without adding more vehicles.

"The problem is you've already got buses coming every three minutes on those roads. You really can't put more buses on because they jam each other up."

The buses each carry up to 100 passengers. They'll start rolling out next month, and will all be on the roads by April – after what Mr Reynolds calls 'March Madness' on Auckland's roads.

"All the students come back, university students pile in. Some people get fed up because they weren't able to get on a bus or a train because everyone was trying to. It's a bit of a shame they're introducing them in April.

He hopes bigger buses pave the way for larger investments such as light rail.

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