Aussie police ramp up search for missing Kiwi mother

Aussie police ramp up search for missing Kiwi mother

Australian police have new clues in their search for a New Zealand mother feared murdered on the Gold Coast.

Linda Sidon went missing six years ago when she was 46 years old. Her body has never been found and her son is now at the centre of a police investigation spanning years, which has stepped up in the past few weeks.

"We can't find any proof of life in relation to Ms Sidon since the 21st of June 2009," says Gold Coast Detective Superintendent David Hutchinson.

The search has led police to an area of bush land at Numinbah Valley, 30 minutes from the Gold Coast.

"We have reason to believe she may have been buried in that area," Supt Hutchinson says.

Forensic teams and dogs trained to sniff out bodies have scoured the area and police have also used metal detectors and drones.

Ms Sidon moved from New Zealand to Australia, in the 1980s and worked part-time as a cleaner. Police describe her as socially isolated and believe she has met with foul play.

"As a consequence of our investigations we are satisfied she did not commit suicide," Supt Hutchinson says.

Ms Sidon's father was the first person to notice she was missing, but by the time he raised the alarm with police in New Zealand it had been almost 18 months since she was seen alive.

She lived in a unit in a council housing estate with her son Daniel, who is now 28 and still living on the Gold Coast.

He has been interviewed before and remains a person of interest to the investigation.

"We are interested to speak with any friends she may have had around that 2009 period and we'd be interested in speaking with anyone who employed her round that time," Supt Hutchinson says.

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