'Bear-napping' leaves Kiwi traveller reeling

  • 19/09/2015
Little Ted at the Mall of America (Facebook)
Little Ted at the Mall of America (Facebook)

A New Zealander travelling the US has been left clutching for answers after his teddy bear companion, Little Ted, was bear-napped from his car.

Ivan Larsen, who has been documenting his adventures with Ted on the Facebook page 'Little Ted's Big Adventure', shared the sad news earlier this week while standing in front of his vandalised car.

Along with Ted, Mr Larsen also lost his swimming trunks and his passport, but says those items can easily be replaced; his pal, on the other hand, cannot.

"Ted was a gift from my workmates when I left for my adventure. Everything else I can replace, and I would just like Ted back."

Ted went missing in St Paul, Minnesota, and his disappearance was eventually brought to the attention of Saint Paul's Mayor, Chris Coleman.

In a post to Ted's Facebook, Mr Coleman says he was saddened by the disappearance and feels obliged to lend his hand in reuniting the two, after a trip to New Zealand saw him and his wife smothered with Kiwi kindness.

"As the Mayor of Saint Paul, I was saddened to learn about the disappearance of Little Ted while you visited our capital city. The people of New Zealand treated my wife Connie and me with extreme kindness when we visited, and I'd like to return the generosity. "

Mr Coleman has committed Saint Paul's Missing Bear Unit to finding Ted, and sent Buzz, a stuffed polar bear from the city's zoo, to help out. "While I have full confidence that our Missing Bear Unit is on the case, I do hope you'll let me send you a temporary companion. Buzz – shown here in this picture – is a polar bear from Saint Paul's Como Park Zoo & Conservatory and he'd be happy to join you on your travels. Feel free to message me your contact info and we can make travel arrangements for Buzz."

Since the incident Mr Larsen has continued to post on the social media page, moving into Wisconsin and Chicago "leaving no stone unturned."

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