Christchurch coastal flooding zones removed

  • 30/09/2015
Poto WIlliams (Facebook)
Poto WIlliams (Facebook)

Christchurch East MP Poto Williams says it was only right the Government scrapped the city council's coastal hazard zoning provisions.

It saw 18,000 properties flagged as being prone to coastal flooding and erosion.

Ms Williams says the removal of the zone is common sense.

"There were groups that were agitating in the community to get this process stopped or delayed so we're really pleased that we've now been given the opportunity to just see what this all means.

"I'm really pleased because there was a lot of public agitation. I think people power won out at the end of the day."

Protest organiser Warren Hawke hope the best scientific brains will start researching the effect of rising sea levels on seaside communities.

"You could count the number of communities very quickly that were perched right on the coastline around the country. Obviously we're all going to be effected by it so something very well thought out and something well researched…let's get the universities onto it."

The city council will now go back to the drawing board on sea level rise.