Colleagues farewell Muriwai crash victims

  • 15/09/2015
Colleagues farewell Muriwai crash victims

By Jacob Brown

An Auckland city convenience store stayed closed today as staff mourned their workmate, Imad Dib.

The 31-year-old also worked at the Queens Academic Group. He died alongside two other men who worked for the same education provider.

"We are putting the flowers on their desk today and we are also visiting their homes," says Queens Academic Group lecturer Syed Iqbal.

The deaths of Mr Dib, Dilpreet Singh and Syed Jafri have left colleagues in shock. The fourth victim of the fatal beach crash was Pulkit Malhotra, visiting from India.

Students today talked of the positive influence those at Queens had on their lives.

"Queens is not like an academy; it's like a home," says Mr Iqbal. "So we feel like a home here, like a family."

Queens Academic Group has since released a statement, saying it is very saddened by the loss of its three staff members and friend. They were valued members of the group's staff and will be missed.

It is also sending its thoughts and condolences to the victims' families and friends.

"They were very kind people, very kind people yes, so we will remember them," says Mr Iqbal.

Staff and students are expected to attend a funeral being held for one of the victims on Thursday.

The investigation into the crash is continuing.

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