Connor Morris killer Michael Murray jailed for 10 years

Connor Morris killer Michael Murray jailed for 10 years

The man who slayed Connor Morris with a sickle during a street fight last year will spend at least 10 years in prison.

Michael Murray, 34, walked into court, flanked by five guards. He showed little emotion, staring straight ahead throughout the hour-long sentencing.

His lawyer Marie Dyhrberg told the court he needed to be in isolation because of the very serious threat to his life.

When Murray was found guilty last month, a Head Hunter gang member yelled to him: "Your time is coming".

"This [threat] is not light, it's very real", Ms Dyhrberg told the court.

The judge accepted it would be hard for him and he would be in isolation, but Corrections was aware of this.

Despite this, Murray was doing well in jail, he had completed high school papers and was planning to sit university papers.

"He is intelligent, he is doing very well... He is good to deal with".

Murray murdered Mr Morris in a street brawl in West Auckland on August 2, last year. Morris was beating up his younger brother.

He hit him with a garden sickle with such force, Mr Morris was dead before he hit the ground.

Murray initially denied his involvement, but later said it was self-defence. He regretted his actions and was remorseful.

Morris's family and partner Millie Elder-Holmes wrote victim impact statements, which Murray read.

He accepted and appreciated the appalling consequences of his consequences, the court heard.

It was revealed Murray had numerous convictions, including one for assault and carrying an offensive weapon. But he was only sentenced to community service.

Mr Morris' mum and sister sat in the public gallery, they showed little emotion.

A friend of Mr Morris yelled out "you f**ken piece of shit" as Murray was led away.

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