Costume Shop plays make believe with promises

  • 15/09/2015
Costume Shop plays make believe with promises

An Auckland mother is feeling ripped off after buying a costume online for her three-year-old daughter.

Antonia Scott ordered a Rapunzel costume from The Costume Shop in August but is still waiting for the dress to arrive - despite paying in full and sending numerous check-up emails to the online company, Fairfax Media reports.

Ms Scott received an automated email from the company after paying almost $90 for the dress and was told she would be contacted by the courier. When nothing had been delivered after almost three weeks and her emails remained unanswered, she started to get worried.

"I then thought I would ring, but discovered no phone number listed on the website and alarm bells started to ring," she told Fairfax.

"I placed an order on 23rd August and 2.5 weeks later and numerous emails sent my order still hadn't arrived," Ms Scott wrote on the website

"I found an address but the company located at the address told me they used to be there but moved 3 years ago and they have had heaps of people ring and walk in in the same situation and that this website is a scam."

An investigation has now been launched by the Commerce Commission, which said it had received 16 complaints about the Waikato-based company this year.

Owner of the Costume Shop Angela Flayed told Fairfax the delays were caused by a "system change with our suppliers" and said the site had a banner advising of potential delays.

She also said she was prepared to give refunds where necessary to unhappy buyers.

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