Cow's misteak leaves him udderly stuck

Cow's misteak leaves him udderly stuck

A Hamilton mother and her son came across a curious sight on their way to school this morning - a young cow with its head stuck in a ladder.

Karen Arden was dropping her nine-year-old son Harry to Horsham Downs School around 8:30am when they saw the stuck steer in a neighbouring paddock.

"A friend rung me and said 'you'll never believe it, but there's a cow with a ladder on its head!'", she says.

Ms Arden said the owner had been called to step up and help free the young cow and believes it has since been freed.

"I did consider getting in there to help, but they're about 1 or 2 years old so they run away from you. It would take teamwork to get it off."

Where the ladder came from is a bit of a mystery, with Ms Arden saying there was no obvious place it could have come from – there was no shed near the paddock and no obvious work was being done in the paddock.

When her son had seen the cow, he was "quite fascinated" by it and his first consideration was its welfare.

"[He said] 'Oh, mummy that poor cow he wouldn't be able to eat anything."

The school's pupils will surely be milking the story as much as they can, with Ms Arden saying most would have seen it on their way to class.

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