Gisborne Council defends pound after mistreatment allegations

  • 29/09/2015
Gisborne Council defends pound after mistreatment allegations

Warning: This video contains content that may offend some viewers.

The Gisborne District Council is defending its pound after allegations its dogs are being mistreated.

The allegations emerged in a video posted to Facebook showing a woman furiously accusing the pound of "waterblasting my dog".

The woman, Sam Parsons, had her daughter, Taylor, take a video showing the pound's offal, or disposal pit, which contains dead dogs.

Ms Parsons and her daughter are then seen screaming obscenities at a pound employee over the alleged waterblasting incident.

The video has had more than 60,000 views.

The council says the allegations are "very distressing".

"Sadly many dogs are not claimed, and unable to be rehomed due to their temperament, nature or breed," it says in a statement. "Euthanizing and disposing is not pleasant for our staff. A disposal pit or offal pits, as horrible as it sounds, is a common method used for disposing of dead stock on farms and other animal control facilities."

The council says the video was filmed in a restricted area when the pound was closed to the public, which is off limits for health and safety reasons.

"The video does not substantiate the claim of abuse by our staff."

It says the pound uses standard pressure hoses, not a waterblaster.

"The pens are washed out daily. At times this is done with the dog in the pen for its own safety, as some dogs can't be put out in the exercise yard together."

But Taylor and friend Amber claim they saw a man using a high-pressure hose to clean the pens, also drenching the dogs. They say the dogs were yelping and in stress.

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