Govt's $110B infrastructure plan

  • 20/08/2015
Govt's $110B infrastructure plan

By Lloyd Burr

The Government has outlined a plan to tackle the country's infrastructure challenges over the next three decades.

It is aiming to spend more than $110 billion in the next 10 years alone.

National is unlikely to be in Government for the next 30 years but it has unveiled a substantial and expensive plan for infrastructure until the year 2045.

Finance Minister Bill English says there are huge hurdles like ageing schools, antiquated water networks and the expansion of broadband and roading.

Every year for the next decade, $11 billion will be spent by local and central government on public infrastructure. That trend over 30 years is a whopping third of a trillion dollars.

Opposition parties have blasted the plan, calling it 'PR fluff' and "out of date".