Harbour Bridge taxi surfer fined, disqualified

Harbour Bridge taxi surfer fined, disqualified

A man who climbed onto the roof of a taxi and car-surfed across the Auckland Harbour Bridge has been fined $1000 and disqualified from driving for four months. 

Self-proclaimed stuntman Johnny Bennett, who calls himself Johnny Danger, was sentenced at the North Shore District Court this afternoon for causing a criminal nuisance by unlawful act. 

The 26-year-old was found guilty of the charge last month, admitting he was a "bloody idiot".  

Bennett was filmed climbing onto the roof of the taxi early on a Sunday morning in 2013, where he stayed for around 20 seconds before climbing back inside. 

Footage of the incident was posted to Facebook last year, prompting police to investigate. 

During sentencing, the judge admitted Bennett, who works in construction, had steady employment and he did not want to impose a sentence that would affect him travelling overseas or gaining a heavy traffic license. 

The judge had planned to disqualify Bennett for six months, but reduced it to four.  He was also ordered to pay $130 in court costs. 

The Crown had called for a tougher sentence to show other road users such behaviour would "not be accepted in a civilized society". 

Outside court, Bennett said he was disappointed by the judge's decision to disqualify him from driving, and that the taxi driver wasn't also disqualified.

Bennett also joked he would have to take more taxis during his driving ban.

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