Head hunters remember Connor Morris

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(3 News)

Hundreds of gang members have turned out in force to remember slain Head Hunter Connor Morris – Millie Elder-Holmes' late boyfriend – who was killed in a fight in Massey last year.

The memorial ride comes just two days before an Auckland man goes on trial for his murder, a year to the day after Mr Morris was killed.

It was part sentiment and part showpiece as some of New Zealand's most notorious gang members turned out today to remember him.

Mr Morris was outside a party in Massey when he was killed by a fatal blow to the head last August.

Today's ride brought Ms Holmes back to the spot where a year ago she watched her boyfriend die.

The daughter of late broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes was joined by Mr Morris', father Chris, a patched member of the Head Hunters bike gang who brought hundreds of his brethren along for the ride.

The destination was the gang's boxing gym in Ellerslie, which was raided by police earlier this week.

Today it was firmly back in gang control as a plaque was unveiled in tribute to Mr Morris.

3 News cameras weren't allowed inside although members of rival bike gangs were.

While today's event was focused entirely on remembering Mr Morris, in two days' time the attention will shift to Auckland High Court for the trial of the man accused of murdering him.

Auckland man Michael Murray has pleaded not guilty to murder and his lawyer fought to keep his name supressed in case of gang members seeking retaliation.

That name suppression was lifted last September and, with many Head Hunter members expected to attend the trial, the accused will be the focus of an imposing group of mourners.

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