New victim's code launches

  • 19/09/2015
Justice Minister Amy Adams (File)
Justice Minister Amy Adams (File)

Justice Minister Amy Adams has launched a new Victims Code that sets out how victims can expect to be treated and explains their rights.

"We want to ensure that victims who end up in the justice sector through no fault of their own know their rights and what services are available to them during what is often a very difficult time," Ms Adams said.

She launched the initiative at the Red Raincoat Trust's conference in Napier today.

The code clearly explains what victims can expect from the services provided by agencies at each stage of the criminal justice process.

It brings together 11 rights, including the right to be informed, to make a victim impact statement, to receive notifications after sentencing, to be informed about and express your views on bail, and to make a submission relating to parole or extended supervision orders.

The code is available on the website

Also, from October 1, the Victims of Crime information line will be extended to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A review earlier identified several issues for victims, including a lack of information on agency processes, confusion over the number of agencies and where to go, and a lack of accountability when complaints were made.

The reforms have been signalled since 2011.