Owners thrilled stolen septic waste truck found

Owners thrilled stolen septic waste truck found

The owners of an old septic waste truck that was stolen in Dunedin are thrilled their "little sucker" has been found.

Police are investigating how the truck made it all the way to Christchurch.

The "little sucker" became a crime scene this morning after it was abandoned on a central Christchurch street.

The 1986 Nissan Atlas started its life as a septic waste truck.

It's now used to suck waste from sumps under buildings and gets in where bigger trucks can't reach.

"She's our baby - wee tubby we call her. She's small and cute," said the truck's owner, Liz Carmichael.

The truck was stolen from Barry Dell Plumbing early on Tuesday morning.

It made the rounds of Dunedin's petrol stations where the alleged thief was caught on CCTV stealing diesel from a nearby Caltex.

"He got $58 of diesel...which was great because it was a petrol truck," said Caltex City North worker Stephen Pulley.

The driver dumped the diesel round the corner then stole petrol from the Anzac Avenue Mobil for its 366-kilometre journey north.

"We had sightings from Oamaru, Timaru, Winchester and the last one was Christchurch," said Ms Carmichael.

Police say they've got good leads on two suspects.

They've named one as Jason Nash, who's believed to be the man in the CCTV footage.

"I would really like to know they'll be dealt with in a severe manner not just a slap on the wrist," said Ms Carmichael.

She doesn't think the truck will manage the return journey to Dunedin so it will have to be towed.

She hopes it can be fixed so it can resume work as their "little sucker".

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