Pilot body welcomes court ruling on breaks

  • 12/09/2015
Pilot body welcomes court ruling on breaks

The New Zealand Air Line Pilots' Association is pleased with a court ruling on breaks taken by a Jetstar pilot.

Yesterday, the Court of Appeal upheld last year's Employment Court ruling that Christchurch-based pilot Robert Greenslade was entitled to rest and meal breaks under New Zealand's Employment Relations Act.

Mr Greenslade had argued that during his eight-hour shifts he should be allowed to take three 10-minute rest breaks and one 30-minute break, while the plane was on the ground.

But Jetstar claimed its pilots' rest breaks were provided for under Australia's air operators certificate, which was recognised by New Zealand's Civil Aviation Act.

It said the implementation of rest and meal breaks would hurt the airline's financial position because it relied on quick turnaround times for aircraft.

But the Court of Appeal said the Australian provisions did not provide mandatory rest and meal breaks as required by the ERA.

New Zealand Air Line Pilots' Association acting president First Officer Tim Robinson said it was great news for the pilot concerned and there could be ramifications for the industry.

"The association has to take the time to digest the Court of Appeal decision that came out yesterday afternoon to determine what ramifications this could have for the industry," he said.

The association represents 2500 pilots and air traffic controllers.