Raw video: Upper Hutt armed stand-off

  • 08/09/2015
Raw video: Upper Hutt armed stand-off

An armed man has been shot by police following a rampage through Upper Hutt. The CBD was put into lockdown early this afternoon as armed officers swarmed the area.

Video posted to Periscope by Vasely Sapunov shows armed police swarming the area as the event unfolds. Mr Sapunov filmed the footage as he took cover inside his parked car.

About three or four shots were fired near the McDonald's restaurant.

"I saw one undercover cop car head through with its sirens flashing," says Mr Sapunov. "Then I saw a female police officer with a rifle basically just yelling. Eventually the street filled with police and that's when I started freaking out a bit because I knew what was going on."

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