Road Shamers: Bad drivers beware

Road Shamers: Bad drivers beware

Bad New Zealand drivers are being caught on dash cams and shamed on an international website.

Road Shamer was created to identify dangerous drivers and make roads safer around the world.

New Zealand police are monitoring the site, with an increasing number of Kiwi videos being uploaded.

Spotted and shamed – a New Zealand driver mounting the kerb and driving along the footpath, instead of waiting in traffic. It was caught on dash cam and posted on Road Shamer with the tags reckless driving and traffic cheating.

"We've seen some really bad ones from New Zealand coming in," says Road Shamers' regional webmaster Nadav Golombick. "Some Kiwis are pretty much out there."

There are videos of running red lights, drivers on the phone or weaving while texting.

Road Shamers says by posting these on its website, roads will become safer.

"We've had a few drivers who we have seen as being repeat offenders that have actually stopped offending, so we suspect that could be from the site," says Mr Golombick.

Drivers who catch dangerous driving on their dash cam can simply upload that video to the Road Shamer website. Administrators will then decide if it's appropriate to use. They say they follow strict legal guidelines. They will blur people's images and won't use fatalities.

The public, it seems, love it. Just one bad driver has asked for his video to be removed.

"A lot of people are happy to have some way to vent their anger instead of trying to take it out on the road."

He says New Zealand police monitor the site and encourage it.

Parents can now pay to keep an eye on wayward children learning to drive – part of an alert system.

An app is being developed for councils, targeting illegal and bad parking.

"So a good example – if someone is parked in a really selfish manner, taking up two or three spaces in a parking lot or supermarket, someone can take a photo send it out. Inspectors around the corner, in lower bay, gets message goes back up and gets rid of the car immediately."

So their message is simple – bad drivers beware.

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