Rules relaxed for residential brothels

  • 14/07/2015

A bylaw review in Auckland means brothels in residential areas will now be able to advertise their services with small signs.

The new regional bylaw comes into action on October 1 and comes with restrictions, including the maximum size of the sign being 0.33sqm and flashing lights or sexualised shapes on it being prohibited, the New Zealand Herald reports.

The current Manukau City Council Brothels Bylaw means signs aren't allowed to be seen from a residential zone and prohibits words that are sexually explicit, lewd or offensive.

The new bylaw allows the name of the operator or registered business, street number and telephone number to be written on the sign, which can be mounted to a fence or wall of the building.

Councillor George Wood chaired the hearing panel and says there were few objections to the proposal.

"It was a unanimous decision by the Hearings Committee [and] the council ratified it so it's now a bylaw of the Auckland Council," he says.

Councillor Wood admits he wouldn't want a brothel with advertising signs opening next to his home.

Family First NZ national director Bob McCoskrie criticised the changes and says the new rules backtrack on the Prostitution Reform Act.

"Our understanding was that a red light district would be a specific area and that it would be out of sight of families and children and also there were strict regulations around signage in those areas," Mr McCoskrie told the Herald.

The last registered figures for the number of brothels in Auckland show 20 in the former Auckland City Council area, three in Manukau and three on the North Shore.

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