Video: Construction workers prevent duckling drama

Video: Construction workers prevent duckling drama

They're normally used to controlling traffic at construction sites, but a crew of workers from a Lower Hutt company made an exception for a family of ducklings yesterday.

Workers from Dews Construction had started a contract to install an electronic vehicle message system on the corner of Gracefield Rd when a duck and five ducklings approached them wanting to cross the road.

In a video posted to the company's Facebook page, it shows three men kitted out in their hi-vis gear stopping traffic and shepherding the family across the street.

Company owner Dave Dews, who runs the company's Facebook page, said he'd thought the worst when a member of the public posted the video.

"I thought someone had filmed us doing something wrong," he said.

However, he was pleasantly surprised by what it showed.

He said it wasn't in their job description to look out for ducks, but said their actions weren't out of character for his staff.

The company normally gives out prizes at the end of the month, and the crew would likely receive a special honour for their duck herding skills, Mr Dews said.

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