Weekend weather looking better after wet week

  • 26/09/2015

An easterly flow sitting over New Zealand could bring showers to parts of the country this weekend, but a ridge of high pressure starting to build will mean western and southern regions may stay nice and dry.

According to MetService meteorologist Lisa Murray, this week's weather has been abysmal with Wellington, Hawke's Bay and Gisborne bearing the brunt.

More than 100mm of rain in Hawke's Bay and 200mm to 300mm of rain in Gisborne resulted in heavy flooding and road closures in parts. While this weekend won't reach the same extremes, there are showers forecasted for these areas.

It isn't all bad news though; this weekend won't be perfect weather, but will be a definite improvement for most.

Temperatures right across New Zealand are looking exactly as expected for this time of year, with highs sitting in the mid-teens for much of the country, only slightly cooler on the east coast.

For the main centres, Auckland can expect overcast weather with occasional glimpses of clear skies today and tomorrow, Wellington will receive a mixed bag of sunny spells and showers and Dunedin will be much the same.

Ms Murray says the most important thing to note this weekend is even in the wet parts, the weather will be better to what the country has been expecting this week.

MetService is also urging people to remember that with the extension of daylight hours, there will be higher levels of UV light. Therefore, it is a good time of year to be looking at preparing the sunscreen stash for the summer ahead, and being aware temperatures will be starting to take a turn for the better.

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