Wellington SPCA inspectors to trial body cameras

(3 News)
(3 News)

Wellington SPCA animal welfare inspectors will be the first in the country to trial new body cameras.

They hope it will lead to catching and prosecuting more animal abusers.

Animal welfare inspectors are often faced with verbal and, at times, physical abuse while they are doing their job.

The SPCA says too many people are getting away with abusing animals and it hopes the cameras will get the evidence they need in court to pin down prosecutions.

When activated, the cameras display a recording of the person being filmed and SPCA Wellington chief executive Iain Torrence says the cameras are about effecting change.

"International evidence has shown that if people see themselves behaving badly, they're more likely to temper that behaviour, so inspectors hope this feature will help when they enter an emotionally charged environment," he says.

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