Be aware of thieves this summer – police

  • 08/10/2015
Be aware of thieves this summer – police

Northland police are reminding people to keep their belonging safe from thieves as summer approaches.

Far North area commander Inspector Wendy Robilliard says criminals involved in growing cannabis often target items that can be carried, such as quad bikes, chain saws and lawn mowers.

"Make sure you lock your sheds and garages. Last summer there were a number of burglaries in rural areas where items were stolen from unlocked sheds and garages and boats."

She says thieves have stolen outboard motors and boating equipment like rods, reels, petrol cans and fishing gear from boats when they are parked on properties and even when they are moored at sea.

"Thieves will canvas every property until they see an opportunity. They are also very quick, so don't make it easy for them."

Insp Robilliard suggests people install security measures such alarms or CCTV cameras or have dogs on their properties.

She says another target for thieves is unlocked cars in driveways where valuables are in view.

Police website SNAP (Serial Number Action Partnership) aims to make it harder for criminals to sell stolen goods.

The website allows you to enter and maintain details of all your important possessions, and the list can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

If your items are stolen you can forward your list onto police and your insurance company.

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