Beehive crimes plague Northland

Beehive crimes plague Northland

There's a warning tonight for would-be honey thieves across the North Island – give up now or face the consequences.

Northland is experiencing a spate of beehive crimes, and it's not being taken lightly.

We can't tell you where Graham Wilson keeps his bees. That's because he's had $18,000-worth of hives stolen, so now he's not taking any chances.

Mr Wilson has been in the bee game since he left high school 29 years ago.

Seeing the industry he loves being ransacked is tough. Sadly Mr Wilson is not alone.

Dozens of hives have been stolen in the past few weeks. Police say the criminals are probably starting their own enterprises.

It's not the first time there has been a criminal honey-rush. In 2012 beekeepers offered a reward. Now Mr Wilson's going a step further.

Police say the stealing happens in the middle of the night, so anyone who sees anything suspicious is being asked to call in.

With everyone on the lookout, the honey will stay put.

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