Connor Morris' killer lodges appeal

  • 12/10/2015
Michael Murray (file)
Michael Murray (file)

The man found guilty of murdering Connor Morris has lodged an appeal against his conviction.

Michael Murray, 34, was last month sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole for 10 years for killing Mr Morris with a sickle during a west Auckland street brawl last year.

The Court of Appeal has confirmed an appeal has now been lodged but no date has yet been set down for the hearing.

Murray's lawyer, Marie Dyhrberg, QC, said she could not make any comments about the appeal.

The trial attracted intense media interest because Mr Morris was the son of Head Hunters gang leader Chris "One-Eye" Morris and the boyfriend of the late Sir Paul Holmes' daughter Millie Elder-Holmes.

During the trial, it was not denied Murray struck Mr Morris once in the head using a long-handled sickle, killing him almost instantly.

But the defence said he was defending his brother who was under attack from Mr Morris in the midst of a frenzy of other fighting.

Concerns have been previously raised about Murray's safety in prison due to threats from Mr Morris' gang associates and it was expected he would have to be kept in isolation in prison.

Mr Morris' family took to Facebook to express their dissatisfaction with the appeal.

"People have been asking are we happy with the sentence, NO we're not, to be told our son's life was only worth 10 years before parole board was a real shock and now to be told he's appealing," they said.