Council moves on Mangere trash pile

  • 30/10/2015

A stink caused over a rapidly expanding mountain of garbage in a South Auckland suburb has prompted the Auckland Council to take action.

The massive pile of inorganic waste on a shared driveway on Mangere's Robertson Rd has been building up for the last two weeks – and has prompted complaints from local residents about health issues and wafting smells.

The heap, which contains everything from furniture and televisions to old tyres and wood, now wraps around the corner of a shared driveway, runs 30 metres, and stands about two-metres high on a Housing New Zealand property.

Auckland Council now says it has offered to install cameras on the nearby properties to catch out dodgy dumpers and says it will consider prosecuting.

Waste Solutions Manager Ian Stupple said witnesses had said people had been driving in from outside the neighbourhood to add to the pile.

"This display of disregard for other people's health, safety and enjoyment of their community is particularly disappointing because, up until this point, illegal dumping volumes had dropped," he said.

The council is now appealing for local residents to dob in anyone they see illegally adding to the pile.

Housing New Zealand has said it has been notified and would clear the mess away over the next few days.