Headstone f-word offends

  • 01/10/2015
Headstone f-word offends

A headstone inscribed with an expletive at a Palmerston North cemetery is causing offence but so is an attempt to cover on it.

The back of 19-year-old Vincent Drummond-Paulo's headstone in the Kelvin Grove Cemetery has his gamer name, reaper91xx, and song titles 'Black', 'For Whom The Bell Tolls', 'Sickman', 'Do I Wanna Know', and 'I Don't Fxxk With You' on it.

The family of a person buried nearby asked Palmerston North City Council to cover the headstone while their mother visited but the cover has upset Mr Drummond-Paulo's family.

Mr Drummond-Paulo's father Raymond Paulo had worked at the city council for 10 years prior to moving to Australia and said he was hurt this was how he was being treated, the Manawatu Standard reports.

City council parks and property manager John Brenkley told NZ Newswire the headstone has a permit and the council is working with both families to try to resolve the issue. It may be possible to soften the offending F-word.

"It was just a sheet of plastic that was taped to the back," he said.

"What happened was the family behind the headstone had asked if we would cover it up temporarily while their mother visited.

"They were concerned it might offend the mother. We put the cover up and took it down after about a week," he said.