Indecency charge for peeing Southland man

  • 06/10/2015
Indecency charge for peeing Southland man

A man in Southland has been convicted of indecency after being spotted peeing in his front yard.

Lyndon Cross, 36, was relieving himself against his fence after drinking on July 7 when two 10-year-old girls playing across the road looked to see what he was doing, reports the Southland Times.

The case's summary of facts said the girls reported what they had seen to an adult after Cross swung his genitals in their direction through a gap in the fence.

Cross admitted to the court he had been urinating in his garden but denied swinging his genitals so the girls could see.

The judge told Cross he should have known there would have been young children in the area and sentenced him to 60 hours' community work.

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