NZ speed cameras aren't working – motor journalist

NZ speed cameras aren't working – motor journalist

Police have released details on the country's five most lucrative speed cameras, but not everyone agrees they're being used properly.

The Ngauranga Gorge north of Wellington is a costly bit of road for many motorists.

It's where more drivers than anywhere else in the country are snapped by a speed camera – in the last year, more than 23,000 drivers were caught out.

The single camera raised almost $1.7 million for the Government's consolidated fund.

Motoring journalist Dave Moore says speed cameras are a valuable tool, but in spots like the Ngauranga Gorge they seem to be more geared for revenue gathering.

"While the money gathering quote is often denied here it's hard to see anything beyond that, because often a camera that isn't making revenue is moved somewhere else," says Mr Moore.

South Islanders can rest easy – the top five money-making cameras are all in the North Island.

While the Ngauranga Gorge takes the top spot, second is a Waitemata camera on Auckland's northwestern motorway.

Three other northern cameras all make over $900,000 each.

Mr Moore says in Britain the most successful speed cameras are the ones which deliver the least number of tickets.

"In the UK motorists are given the opportunity to slow down because they're advertised heavily by signs depicting cameras, but also a red-painted road surface as you approach the camera."

He says the proof they're not working is New Zealand's rising road toll. Last year 294 people died on our roads – up more than 40 on 2013.

This year's road toll is already running at 258 and if it continues at the same rate, it will pass last year's total in mid-December. 

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