Parole Board to postpone paedophile's hearing

  • 05/10/2015
Parole Board to postpone paedophile's hearing

The Parole Board is expected to impose a five-year postponement on the next hearing for the country's longest-serving prisoner today.

Alfred Thomas Vincent was sentenced to preventive detention for seven convictions of indecent assault on five boys aged between 12 and 14.

The new Parole Act, which came into effect last month, means offenders serving sentences over 10 years can now be seen by the board less frequently.

If the board approves the 77-year-old's postponement, RadioLIVE understands he'll be the second inmate to be subject to the law.

The recidivist paedophile first became eligible for parole 40 years ago and has been refused each time.

The only time Vincent has spent outside prison was during day passes and weekend leave in the 1980s. Those were revoked when he was caught talking to young boys.

This is Vincent's 48th year behind bars.