Petrol prices should drop - AA

  • 06/10/2015
Petrol prices should drop - AA

A strong kiwi dollar should be easing hip pocket pain at the petrol pump, according to the Automobile Association, despite fuel costs remaining high.

A 10 percent lift in global oil prices in September contributed to a hike in the cost of petrol, AA spokesman Mark Stockdale said.

"In the AA's view, when fuel companies raised prices by 6 cents per litre in the first half of September, they increased their margin above the norm," he said.

With a slight improvement in New Zealand's exchange rate, motorists should expect cheaper prices at the pump.

"Because commodity prices only make up about a third of the retail price of petrol, pump prices should only change by about a third of that amount."

He said companies should be dropping their prices around two or three cents per litre.