Plus-size models shocked by online 'fat-shaming'

Plus-size models shocked by online 'fat-shaming'

A group of women promoting New Zealand's first plus-size-only fashion event say they won't be beaten down by online trolls.

A fierce fat-shaming debate took off online when pictures to promote the event were posted.

Tisha Luga's foray into the modelling world was nerve-wracking.

"You get scared because you think, 'Maybe I'm not pretty enough,'" she says.

When the photos came out, questionable internet comments followed.

"I was really shocked because being in New Zealand and this happening – a lot of people are plus-size here," she says.

The photo shoot was to promote an upcoming plus-size-only fashion show, and it was an Auckland-based wedding planner who sparked the internet tirade.

She started by tweeting that she loves fat people but doesn't agree with fat models, going on to tweet a photo with the caption "not everyone's supposed to be a model".

"At first I was real angry and hurt," says stylist Regina Alai.

Ms Alai, who organised the shoot and is planning the fashion show, says that was just the beginning.

"It was this swarm of actions after it was put online – a rippling effect on both good and bad."

Another one of the models, Holly May Neho, says it's nothing new.

"It's not something that has happened once; it's something that's constantly happening, that plus-size girls, 'you're not good enough'."

The women who took part in the campaign say it took a lot of courage to go ahead with photo shoot and they won't be put off by the incident, with plans to go ahead with the catwalk show.

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