Pool slams inattentive parents after near drownings

  • 02/10/2015

Poor parental supervision is being blamed for five children coming close to drowning at an Invercargill pool since late August.

Inattentive parents and their kids may be evicted from Splash Palace under a policy from Monday after the near fatal drownings involving children aged between five and eight.

"Two of them required CPR and three required an ambulance or hospitalisation. In all cases the children were not appropriately supervised," Aquatic Services Manager Peter Thompson said.

In these cases generally parents were not there, not paying attention or were playing on phones, he said.

The new policy relates to supervision and was necessary due to increased numbers of young children who had needed rescuing, he said.

PoolSafe recommends children under the age of five be within arms reach of a caregiver at all times and children under the age of eight be actively supervised at all times, Mr Thompson said.