Sipreme: Food of the future?

Sipreme: Food of the future?

It sounds straight out of the cartoon The Jetsons, but a powdered food is being touted as the future for people who don't have time to cook.

Its makers say Sipreme has everything the body needs, but one Auckland chef says it won't put him out of a job.

Sipreme's creators say they've taken all the goodness from food and put it in a bag – just add water, blend and reclaim the time you would have spent on food.

It's known as lifehacking. At $13 a day it won't replace the Sunday roast, but it's an option some might take up.

Chef Darren Crilly doesn't think he'll have to give up the day job.

"The smell of it is very nice, the flavour," he says. "But as a taste and texture it's not very good."

The makers have a PledgeMe page and are confident of raising the almost $18,000 they need to pay for the first batch.

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